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We Scare Hunger

This month’s Me to We campaign at Falgarwood is We Scare Hunger. It's running from October 15th to 31st. You can bring in donations such as canned food, non perishable food items, etc. The food bank is filled with the following items: tuna, oatmeal, pasta and beans, so we are hoping to help the food bank with other items. We are accepting donations of any and all items over the course of the campaign.

Every can/item is worth 1 point and our Pantry Party Products (items in most need at the Food Bank) are worth 2 points on the days outlined below.

Pantry Party Product Days are as follows:

Monday October 21st: Crackers/Rice

Tuesday October 22nd: Jam

Wednesday October 23rd: Instant Coffee

Thursday October 24th: Canned meat (no tuna)

Friday October 25th: Diapers (size 6)

Our goal is to reach 1200 donated items by October 31st! We are hoping that you can help us reach our goal!

Halloween Dance

Thursday, October 31st

Snack Bar hosted by Falgarwood School Council!