Principal's Message

Principal's Message - Week of January 12, 2024

Hello Falgarwood families,

Please read this message in its entirety as it contains some important information. A reminder to also read all correspondence from the Halton District School Board.

We thank all parents and caregivers for working alongside our educational team. Together we are building relationships with our families, community resources and Falgarwood is a beautiful place to learn and grow.

Get Ready Bells
We are trying something new next week. We are having a 2 minute "get ready" bell for student transitions and entry. A bell will ring at the times indicated below, and the second bell will ring at our usual times to signal entry. If students are eating lunch and the get ready bell rings, students will be getting ready to transition outside. Thank you for your patience as we try this. 

Here are the times:

Teachers will be reviewing this with students next week.

January 22 nd – Professional Development Day
Monday January 22nd will be a professional development day for educators and they will be engaged in assessment and evaluation activities. This is a time designated by the Elementary Teachers’ Federation (ETFO). Students will be at home this day and returning to Falgarwood on Tuesday, January 23rd for regular

Full Day Kindergarten Registration

Registration for Kindergarten students starting school in September 2024 is open for registration online. Be sure to register your child if they were born in 2020. We look forward to teaching and learning with your child.

Breakfast Program
Our breakfast program is a huge success. Thanks to our student leadership and staff who have been organizing and facilitating this valuable program. Any student who require a morning snack or breakfast may do so.

School Council
Our school council meets throughout the school year to discuss student success and celebrate ways to move learning forward. If you have questions surrounding learning, safety and operations, please contact your child’s teacher directly or your principals, Ms. Naik (Principal) and Mrs. McAra (Vice Principal). We are here to

Student Leadership
Teachers are leading leadership clubs for students to participate in. We now have Ambassadors, Athletic Council, Recycling Team, and more! We are looking forward to a vibrant and engaged student and school community.

School Events
During January and February, Falgarwood will be hosting Volleyball tournaments, a Winter Concert and a Valentines’ Dance. Any proceeds raised from these events will go to support our physical education and music departments, technology for students and community engagement. Stay tuned as more information is coming!

As the weather changes, be sure to dress for the weather as students will be going outside to enjoy the weather and time with their friends.

Student Supervision
Student Supervision starts at 9:10am before school and ends at 4:00pm after school. Staff are outside circulating with supervision vests as well as walkie talkies. Please see our supervisors outside if you need assistance.

Kiss and Ride
Thank you for using our Kiss and Ride for dropping students off in the mornings. We noticed students were walking in between vehicles. To keep everyone safe, students are to exit from the left-hand side of vehicles and walk directly to the walkway and to their class line ups at the back of the school.

After School Pick-Ups
Just a reminder as we have such a small parking lot with limited space (once the school busses are present). For this reason, the school parking lot is closed between 3:30 and 4:00 pm every day after school. Parents picking up students should park on the road opposite the school or one of the surrounding side streets.  Students are to use the sidewalks and not to walk across the parking lot. We encourage families to walk to and from school. If you have access to the bus picking you up in the morning, you are encouraged to use this as well. This will help with the flow during our busiest parking lot time as well as to ensure the safety of our students. Thank you for working with us on this. 

Student Absences
If a student is away, be sure to use the safe arrival app and enter the student absence. This information goes directly to the school. Without this information, the office team will be contacting parents directly. This is to ensures all students are accounted for at all times.

Great news! We have acquired two grants! One for $1000 to go towards culturally relevant books for our library and learning commons and $1200 to be put towards our Life Skills programs. Thanks to Ms. Schilling and Mrs. Singh for applying for these grants.

School Website
Be sure to frequently look at our school website that has updated weekly information. The calendar is updated with daily school activities. There is also a section for school announcements. 

Google Classroom
Each class has a Google Classroom. Be sure to connect with your child’s Google classroom as teachers will be posting classroom information there. Remember to check our school website as it is updated weekly and contains information on student activities. Both communication modules will have important information for
our community. 

Thanks to our staff and leadership team, our culture here is kind, caring, positive and uplifting. Together we are putting students and their families first. We look forward to working with you and continuing this positive, collaborative and enriched learning

Please visit our website for the Falgarwood weekly events.