Falgarwood's Acceptable Use of Technology print

Acceptable Use of Technology

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) supports the education of students in the Halton District School Board. Students benefit from the use of ICT through opportunities to share, learn, communicate and collaborate with others in and beyond the classroom. Additionally, the use of ICT fosters the acquisition and development of 21st century skills in various program areas and appropriate use contributes to a positive and safe learning environment.
Use of ICT within the Halton District School Board is a privilege not a right. Users who violate these procedures will lose ICT privileges and suffer other consequences consistent with Progressive Discipline and Safe Schools Legislation and the ICT Incident Protocol.

At Falgarwood students are allowed to bring in their own technology – cell phones, IPODs, IPADs, etc.  Students are only allowed to use technology for instructional purposes and when supervised by a staff member. Students may not play games on their devices over the breaks.  They are not allowed to use their phones during the school day to make phone calls, text or message.  If they need to contact a parent, they can inform their teacher to get permission to do so.  Students are also only allowed to use the internet with a teacher’s permission.  This happens if research is needed or some other kind of search.  

If students do not follow these guidelines, their personal devise will be taken away.  The devises are handed in to the office.  We return the device to students at the end of the day.  If there is a third incident, the device is then returned to the student’s parents.