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posted Jan 26, 2018, 6:58 AM by Rebecca Danks

All school visitors must report their presence and business to the office staff. This routine is essential for student safety, plant security and efficient operation of emergency evacuation procedures. We must know who is in the building at all times in order to provide the safest possible environment for your children. Parents are asked to refrain from going directly to the classroom to deliver a lunch or to pick up your child for an appointment. Children will be called to the office to meet you. If you need to pick up your child for any reason while school is still in progress, please report to the office. Lunches delivered to the school will be held in the main office and labelled with the child’s name; they will be picked up at lunch time. Please note that we try as much as possible not to interrupt the instruction and learning that is taking place in our classrooms. This is valuable learning time for all our students. Requests to have messages delivered to a child or other sources of interruptions will be done at non-instructional time. If there is any deviation from your child’s regular dismissal routine, we request a signed note be given to the teacher. Please advise the classroom teacher / school office in writing if another adult will be picking up your child, also informing this alternate that verification of identity may be requested. If you arrive late, please bring your child to the office as they will need a late slip to enter class. School volunteers and guests are also asked to sign in and wear a visitor badge during their stay. Thank you for complying with the safety procedures.