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Outdoor Learning Opportunities

posted Apr 24, 2019, 5:27 PM by Erin Keen
Many classes are looking forward to upcoming trips to Bronte Creek and other outdoor learning opportunities. As the weather changes, students are still required to wear closed toe shoes for any outdoor learning trips (no sandals or flip flops). We also strongly suggest the students wear light long pants (preferable to shorts) so they can tuck their pants into their socks. The weather is beginning to warm up so it is time to consider tick prevention. One way to avoid ticks is to wear splash or long pants with an elastic bottom, tucked into boots or socks. We of course take precautions on our trips, such as being careful not to sit down in areas of long grasses. It is best practice to check students for ticks daily after playing or exploring outside.
Here are two good resources to read about ticks.