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Oct 31 - Wear Orange & Black or a school friendly costume

posted Oct 26, 2018, 1:36 PM by Erin Keen
On October 31st - students at Falgarwood are invited to wear Orange & Black or a school friendly costume. 

Costumes that mimic the traditional attire of an ethnic, religious, racial or gender group/identity are inappropriate and unacceptable for Halloween at our school. This includes dressing in clothing of the opposite gender ‘in jest.’ Pretending to be a member of a group for ‘fun’ is evidence of cultural appropriation and sends the message that cultural attire is a ‘costume’ to be donned for entertainment purposes. Additionally, do not wear costumes that require you to assume a racialized minority or other marginalized identity. Assuming such an identity for entertainment purposes trivializes and disrespects the oppression of the group. Examples of costumes that mimic ethnic, religious, racial or gender group/identity include: ● Pocahontas ● a person who is Transgender ● a person who is a Khalsa Sikh ● a person who is a Hasidic Jew If you choose to dress up in a costume for Halloween please ensure that you are contributing to the positive and prosocial climate that your school is cultivating around this celebrating Halloween. Costumes that are intended to, or have the impact of, inciting fear and anxiety for others are not acceptable costumes and special sensitivity needs to be exercised around current socially trending incidents 3 such as people dressing up as characters from popular media and approaching youth to frighten them at random. In the past, this has included scary clowns. Please remind students that Halloween costumes should ​not​ incite fear and anxiety. As such, please refrain from bringing replica weapons or wearing masks to school. Thank you for your support of our students and families at Falgarwood.