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Oct. 1-5 - iWalk / iWheel To School Week

posted Sep 30, 2018, 7:22 PM by Erin Keen

October 1-5, it is Walk To School Week. Start the day off right by getting up and using active transportation to get to your desired destination. Especially on October 3rd which is iWalk/iWheel day, not only is this beneficial for the children but for you as well!

There are many good reasons to walk to school, walking to school:
  • Keeps kids active - a cheap and easy way to stay active, with out any special training or equipment
  • Builds friendships - walk with a classmate or schoolmate
  • Improves air quality and the environment - less cars, less pollution
  • Creates safer routes - less traffic means safer roads
  • Helps prepare children for learning - movement gets the blood flowing to the brain

Check out  www.everymetrecounts.ca,  which has a trip counter to log the metres walked to school (or the bus) and a walk and roll map illustrating walk/bike times from the school.