Allergies print

Description: is a reminder that there are a number students in our school with a severe, life threatening food allergy to nuts. Some students have such a high sensitivity to the peanut/tree nut protein that even a trace amount from a known nut product or a food product/item that has come in contact with a peanut/nut source (cross-contamination) and is ingested can result in a life threatening anaphylactic reaction.  The most serious reaction being respiratory difficulties, blockage of the airways, which if not medicated immediately, can lead to death.  This may not be an issue in your child’s class directly; however, we want to remind you of the seriousness of this allergy and the steps we must take to reduce the risk for these individuals. It’s part of our collective desire to keep Falgarwood students safe.

Please DO NOT send food containing NUTS of any kind (or may contain peanuts/nuts, or made in a facility that processes peanuts or nuts), in your child’s lunch.  We also have a student that is allergic to kiwi, so we appreciate if you could please not bring any kiwi either. If your child is consuming these products before school, please make sure they wash their hands thoroughly before leaving for school. Thank you!