!!!! Watch Out, Watch Out, Parking Tickets Will Be About !!!!!

Parking Notice
The Town of Oakville has recently received complaints regarding parking around Falgarwood Public School.

Dropping off and picking students up in school areas can cause a lot of extra traffic congestion. Illegally stopped or parked cars are a safety risk as they make it hard for other drivers to see pedestrians, particularly children, crossing the street. For these reasons, streets around our school have “No Stopping” and “No Parking” signs installed. Please learn the difference between No Stopping and No Parking and help keep our school area safe for children.
24032016_103049_2.pngNo stopping -
No stopping means the halting of your vehicle is prohibited, even momentarily and even if occupied.
No stopping requirements: no waiting allowed, no stopping (even for a moment) to pick up or drop off passengers
24032016_103115_3.pngNo parking -
No parking means you may stop briefly to drop off passengers, but you may not sit in your vehicle indefinitely and you must not leave your vehicle. ~
No parking requirements: no waiting allowed, stopping allowed for a moment to pick up or drop off passengers

The Town of Oakville parking enforcement will be visiting during the month of MARCH and onwards Falgarwood during peak hours to educate and then enforce parking by-laws. They now have the technology to do this by simply taking a photograph of your vehicle illegally parked or stopped with either of the signs in view, and tickets will be sent automatically.
Reminders: Please remember safety is our main priority.  So we please ask our community to:
be considerate of our Falgarwood neighbours
ensure personal driveways are not blocked or used for parking
-be patient and courteous with our crossing guards as they help our students cross the road safely.
please come to a full and complete stop at all stop signs.
                  Lets work together to keep ALL our children safe!


ALL families with Intermediate (7 and 8) students have received a contract detailing the use of electronic devices on Friday March 11th. If you do not receive this (or you have not already signed this contract), please print this document, review it with your child and return the signed contract to your homeroom teacher as soon as possible.  

Please click HERE to follow this link to the contract or check out our website at:   http://www.fal.hdsb.ca

Teams and Clubs During the  Week…


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Gr 3,4,5 Dance Club in gym

Gr. 8 students practice for the Intermediate assembly on Tuesday

Active Chefs

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FIIR Wave 3  8.30

Jr. Basketball

Me to We

Intramurals for gr. 2 in gym.

Grad. Cttee. meeting 4-5 pm


Band -8.10am

FIIR Wave 3  8.30

Primary Glee

Jr. Basketball

Primary Games Club

2nd Nutrition Break

Junior and Intermediate Think Bowl

Eco Club meeting

Games Club- First Half

Clay Class



Band - 8.10am

FIIR Wave 3  8.30

Jr. Basketball


Rubiks Cube Club


Intramurals for gr. 2 in gym.

Band (Change this week)

4, 5, 6 Sewing club, in DT room


Jr. Basketball

JDRs (1st half)

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